Назад к списку

RTC "ANK" LLC took part in the "VOKOR 2018" conference

         On November 24 and 25, 2018, on the basis of the Research Institute of Shipbuilding and Weapons of the Navy, the Naval Research Center of the Navy “Naval Academy”, an interdisciplinary scientific and practical conference “Russian Shipbuilding 2018 (VOKOR 2018)” was held.         The conference was attended by over 250 design and shipbuilding organizations and enterprises. The conference considered and discussed issues of the creation and development of military shipbuilding, environmental and radiation safety, and the use of electricity in ship energy.
      Within the framework of the section “Ship energy, technical means. Ensuring environmental safety at the stages of the life cycle" Mikhail Vladimirovich Ptitsyn, Director General of RTC "ANK" made a report on the topic "Analysis and prospects for improving the operational characteristics of autonomous current sources for ship systems for various purposes".