New company project - SMART BATTERIES

      Currently, the company is focused on the release of "Smart-batteries", i.e. batteries, including devices for monitoring and controlling their operation, as well as devices for charging and maintaining batteries in the “reserve” mode, i.e. in a state of maximum charge.
  A distinctive feature of the battery production technology of RTC "ANK" is a high level of quality of their manning, i.e. selection of cells in batteries according to specified parameters. This technological operation is in the greatest attention at the enterprise. Specialists of "ANK" developed and manufactured special automated technological equipment that allows the selection of cells in batteries with a high degree of identity of their characteristics.
     There is a plan to expand the activities of PramenEnergo 21 in the development and production of rechargeable batteries, devices for their control and management, battery chargers, development of programs for managing the operation of backup power supplies
  Planned for implementation in 2019–2020 the project aims to create the organizational and technical base for our production in the Czech Republic of lithium-ion batteries for backup power systems, as well as research and development in the field of electrochemical power supplies.