Rechargeable flashlights (on request)

      Rechargeable lighting torches AZS ‑ 1‑012, AZS ‑ 1‑032 include a 6 W HPAR ‑ 6‑2.5‑95 lamp headlight with a rated voltage of 2.5 V and a sealed 13 A rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery with a capacity of 13 A ∙ h. Flashlight modifications (AZS ‑ 1‑0122, AZS ‑ 1‑0322) are equipped with double-thread headlamps, which allow changing the luminous flux.
     The products are equipped with a built-in electronic circuit that provides battery charge when connecting any DC source with voltage from 6 to 36 V and its protection against overcharging, as well as a light-signaling device warning of a decrease in battery capacity 30-60 minutes before the headlamp goes out.
Key specifications:
Continuous lighting time of the headlight lamp from a fully charged battery, h, not less than5
Luminous intensity, SI, not less than4 (for automatic charger 1 011 – 8)
The angle of light scattering vertically and horizontally, degrees.5
Operating temperature range, °С- 40 .. +40
Temperature limit, °С150 (with a duration of exposure no more than 3 minutes)
    Rechargeable lighting torches AZS ‑ 1‑011, AZS ‑ 1‑0112 include a 10 watt HPAR ‑ 10‑2.5‑110 lamp headlight with a rated voltage of 2.5 V (single-strand and double-strand, respectively) and tight nickel 2KCSL20 cadmium battery with a capacity of 20 A ∙ h or 2KCSL25 with a capacity of 25 A ∙ h. The torch AZS-1-0112 can be equipped with a double-thread lamp-headlight LFFF-2.5-10 + 6, which allows switching the toggle switch to change the luminous flux.

Special customer requirements products

24KCSM14 Batteries
Automated emergency power system for special equipment 
Multichannel Chargers 
Batteries with rated voltage more than 60V