Ni-Cd batteries

     Batteries of the "Garantija” series are designed to power automation and communication equipment, various radio-electronic and electrical equipment.
      During normal operation, the batteries do not emit harmful or aggressive chemicals into the environment and can be placed stationary in the immediate vicinity of the electricity consumer, and can also be used to power on-board equipment.
   The effective use of the battery ensure the ability of the batteries to work in constant charge mode as well as the absence of the need to top up or adjust the electrolyte. As a backup source of electricity,“Garantija” batteries are equipped with sealed prismatic nickel-cadmium batteries of the type KCSL and KCSM with a capacity of up to 100 Ah.
   The company has the ability to produce batteries based on KCSL and KCSM batteries with a capacity of 150, 200 and 300 Ah for individual technical requirements of customers at negotiated prices.
NameRated voltage,VRated capacity,AhDischarge Current, A (nom / max)Installation dimensions mm (length / width / height)Weight,kg,no more thanComposed from the cells
Garantija 10/1212101/5230/140/2507,8
Garantija 10/2424101/5460/140/25015,0NCG 10D
Garantija 10/24-122.8101/5440/170/25014,3
Garantija 14/1212142/10230/140/2508,6KCSM 14
Garantija 14/2424142/10460/140/25017,3
Garantija 15/1212153/45450/135/17012,0KCSM 15
Garantija 15/2424143/45composed from 2 12V sections
Garantija 30/1212306/90450/135/23021,0KCSM 30
Garantija 30/2424306/90composed from 2 12V sections
Garantija 40/12 (L)12404/40540/135/20021,5KCSL 40
Garantija 40/24 (L)24404/40composed from 2 12V sections
Garantija 60/666012/180450/135/23020,5
Garantija 60/12126012/180composed from 2 6V sectionsKCSM 60
Garantija 60/24246012/180composed from 4 6V sections
Garantija 80/668016/240450/135/23021,0
Garantija 80/12128016/240composed from 2 6V sectionsKCSM 80
Garantija 80/24248016/240composed from 4 6V sections
Garantija 100/6 (L)610010/100540/135/23026,0
Garantija 100/12 (L)1210010/100composed from 2 6V sectionsKCSL 100
Garantija 100/24 (L)2410010/100composed from 4 6V sections

“PUSK” batteries are starter maintenance-free high-power nickel-cadmium batteries.
    The batteries “PUSK 100/12” and “PUSK 100/12-M” significantly exceed the 6ST182 and 6ST190 batteries in their electrical and operational characteristics, are operable in the temperature range from - 40 to + 50 °C, are repairable.
The “Start 100/12-M” battery is approved for use on ships by the River and Maritime Registers of Shipping of Russia.
 Ni-Cd starter batteries are indispensable in extreme climatic conditions. Due to its operability at temperatures from minus 40 to plus 50 ° С, Ni ‑ Cd batteries reliably provide the vehicle engine starting.
Name“PUSK 100/12”“PUSK 100/12-М”
Rated voltage,V1212
Discharge current, А600600
Charge current, А2020
Dimensions,mm,no more than376×256×256384×262×262
Weight,kg,no more than5560
Resource, (amount of cycles)8001000