Ni-Cd cells

      The batteries of the KCSL and KCSM series with sintered electrode plates developed by ANK are designed to operate in cycling mode and in constant charge mode.
      "Research and Technology Centre “ANK" was the first among domestic manufacturers to start producing prismatic cells in metal seamless housings made by deep drawing. Cells are operable in the temperature range from minus 40 to plus 45 ° С, do not require topping up and electrolyte adjustment, during operation they do not emit aggressive and toxic substances into the environment.
Cell typeSpecificationsCapacity, А∙hDischarge current, А (nom./max.)Dimensions,mm, no more thanWeight,kg,no more thanResource,amount of cycles
KCSL15ТУ3482-006-44330520-05151,5 / 1565 х 106 х 360,55800
KCSL20ТУ3482-003-44330520-99202/20126 х 66 х 450,901000
KCSL25ТУ3482-006-44330520-05252,5/25112 х 106 х 360,95800
KCSL40ТУ3482-003-44330520-99404/40156 х 86 х 521,651000
KCSL100ТУ3482-003-44330520-9910010/100186 х 106 х 904,201000
KCSL150ТУ3482-005-44330520-0515015/150186 х 106 х 1506,301000
KCSL200ТУ3482-005-44330520-0520020/200186 х 106 х 1707,501000
Cell typeSpecificationsCapacity, А∙hDischarge current, А (nom./мax.)Dimensions,mm,no more thanWeight,kg,no more thanResource,amount of cycles
KCSM14ТУ3482-008-11147746-96143 / 3065 х 106 х 360,65800
KCSM15ТУ3482-002-44330520-98153 / 60126 х 66 х 450,861000
KCSM30ТУ3482-002-44330520-98306 / 120112 х 106 х 361,70800
KCSM40ТУ3482-002-44330520-98408 / 160156 х 86 х 521,651000
KCSM60ТУ3482-001-44330520-986012 / 360186 х 106 х 904,201000
KCSM80ТУ3482-001-44330520-988016 / 480186 х 106 х 1506,301000

Maintenance-free starter type batteries

 The NK ‑ 100P and KCSM100P batteries are designed for use on electric vehicles and for starter batteries completing .
     The maximum discharge current in the continuous discharge mode is 600 A, in the short-term (pulsed) mode it is up to 1000 A. The batteries are assembled from sintered cermet electrodes in high-impact polystyrene bodies, equipped with safety valves to prevent the destruction of the battery during its improper operation.
    Ni ‑ Cd rechargeable batteries based on cermet electrodes can also work effectively in traction modes on electric vehicles of both ground and underwater applications. Traction batteries for electric vehicles based on Pingvin, Volkswagen, and the Marina underwater towing vehicle were created based on the batteries of the NK ‑ 100P series.
Сell type Specifications Capacity А∙hDischarge current, А (nom/мax)Dimensions, mm×mm×mm, no more thanWeight,kg,no more thanResource(amount of cycles)
НК 100П (КН 100Р М)ТУ3482-003-11147746-9410010 / 600255×123×664,3800
KCSM100PТУ3482-001-44330520-9810010 / 600255×126×714,551000

Immersion batteries

     The KSL300P battery (TU3482‑007‑44330520‑02) is designed to equip submersible batteries used as DC power sources on board a deep-sea vehicle.
            The battery is manufactured in a climatic version according to GOST 15150‑69 for operation at temperature from minus 10 to plus 40 ° С. The battery case is made of 08KP steel and has a two-layer protective paint coating. Four plugs of a special design are installed on the battery cover, which prevent the accumulation of gas under the cover and the removal of electrolyte during battery charging.
     A battery with installed working plugs, placed in a container of an unloaded design (with a pressure compensator of the membrane type) filled with dielectric fluid, retains its rated electrical characteristics at elevated pressure above the surface of the dielectric fluid up to 630 kg / cm².
         The battery capacity when discharging current up to 60 A in the temperature range from minus 2 to plus 3 ° C is not less than 95% of the nominal capacity when charging under normal climatic conditions.
Key Specifications:
Rated Capacity, А·h300
Nominal Voltage, V1,2
Rated discharge current, A30
Maximum discharge current, A150
Maximum charge current, A100
Weight with electrolyte, kg, no more than12,5

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